Festivals are the part of culture. Like other nations in the world, South Korea people also celebrates different events and festivals. If you are looking for the events and festivals calendar of South Korea, here you can go. We have arranged all the event and festival list according to the date. Let's enjoy

List of Festivals in South Korea

Holiday Name Date Type Day Remains
New Year's Day Jan 01 Holiday 0 minutes
World Braille Day Jan 04 Observance 0 minutes
International Programmers' Day Jan 07 Observance 0 minutes
World Religion Day Jan 17 Observance 0 minutes
International Customs Day Jan 26 Observance 0 minutes
Tu Bishvat/Tu B'Shevat Jan 28 Observance 0 minutes
World Leprosy Day Jan 31 Observance 0 minutes
World Wetlands Day Feb 02 Observance 0 minutes
World Day of the Sick Feb 11 Observance 0 minutes
Seotdal Geumeum Feb 11 Holiday 0 minutes
Chinese New Year Feb 12 Holiday 0 minutes
Korean New Year/Seollal Feb 12 Holiday 0 minutes
Valentine's Day Feb 14 Observance 0 minutes
Self-Injury Awareness Day Mar 01 Observance 0 minutes
Independence Movement Day (South Korea) Mar 01 Holiday 0 minutes
International Women's Day Mar 08 Observance 0 minutes
World Kidney Day Mar 11 Observance 0 minutes
St. Patrick's Day Mar 17 Holiday 0 minutes
March Equinox/ Vernal Equinox Day Mar 20 Observance 0 minutes
Earth Hour Mar 27 Observance 0 minutes
April Fool's Day Apr 01 Observance 0 minutes
Arbor Day Apr 05 Observance 0 minutes
International Day for Monuments and Sites Apr 18 Observance 0 minutes
Labour Day May 01 Observance 0 minutes
International Workers' Day/May Day May 01 Holiday 0 minutes
South-Korean Children's Day May 05 Holiday 0 minutes
Children’s Day May 05 Holiday 0 minutes
World Ovarian Cancer Day May 08 Observance 0 minutes
Parents' Day (South Korea) May 08 Observance 0 minutes
Mother's Day May 09 Observance 0 minutes
International Nurses Day May 12 Observance 0 minutes
Teacher's Day (South Korea) May 15 Observance 0 minutes
Buddha's Birthday/Vesak/Buddha Purnima May 19 Holiday 0 minutes
World Autoimmune day May 20 Observance 0 minutes
African Liberation Day May 25 Observance 0 minutes
International Parents' Day Jun 01 Observance 0 minutes
Memorial Day (South Korea) Jun 06 Holiday 0 minutes
Father's Day Jun 20 Observance 0 minutes
Constitution Day Jul 17 Observance 0 minutes
International Friendship Day Jul 30 Observance 0 minutes
Friday the 13th Aug 13 Observance 0 minutes
Liberation Day of South Korea Aug 15 Holiday 0 minutes
National Liberation Day of Korea Aug 15 Holiday 0 minutes
International Overdose Awareness Day Aug 31 Observance 0 minutes
World Sexual Health Day Sep 04 Observance 0 minutes
Still's Disease Awareness Day Sep 17 Observance 0 minutes
Chuseok/Autumn Eve Sep 21 Holiday 0 minutes
International Celebrate Bisexuality Day Sep 23 Observance 0 minutes
World Heart Day Sep 29 Observance 0 minutes
World Vegetarian Day Oct 01 Observance 0 minutes
Armed Forces Day (South Korea) Oct 01 Observance 0 minutes
National Foundation Day of South Korea Oct 03 Holiday 0 minutes
World Teacher's Day Oct 05 Observance 0 minutes
World Cerebral Palsy Day Oct 06 Observance 0 minutes
Hangeul Proclamation Day Oct 09 Holiday 0 minutes
World Sight Day Oct 14 Observance 0 minutes
World Stroke Day Oct 29 Observance 0 minutes
Halloween Oct 31 Observance 0 minutes
World Vegan Day Nov 01 Observance 0 minutes
World Pneumonia Day Nov 12 Observance 0 minutes
World Prematurity Day Nov 17 Observance 0 minutes
International Men's Day Nov 19 Observance 0 minutes
World AIDS Day Dec 01 Observance 0 minutes
Day off for Christmas Day Dec 24 Observance 0 minutes
Christmas Day Dec 25 Observance 0 minutes
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Holiday Notes

  •   International Programmers' Day usually held on 7th January or 12th or 13th September every year.
  •   World Religion Day celebrates on the third Sunday of January.
  •   Tu Bishvat/Tu B'Shevat is celebrated by the Jewish occurring on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat
  •   World Leprosy Day celebrates on the last Sunday of January.
  •   Chinese New Year is not a public holiday in the USA, UK, Australia & Canada. In other countries, it is a public holiday. The day follows the Lunar calendar which is different from the Gregorian calendar so the date varies every year.
  •   Korean New Year/Seollal celebration starts from the beginning of the day and lasts till the next day. Normally the date falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. The public holiday on Korean New Year lasts for three days.
  •   World Kidney Day celebrates on the second Thursday of March.
  •   March Equinox is the day when the duration of night & day are nearly equal.
  •   Earth Hour usually celebrates on the last Saturday of March.
  •   Arbor Day is a state holiday in Nebraska, USA. They observed it on the last Friday of the month of April. According to this schedule in 2021 in Nebraska, USA Arbor day falls on 30th April.
  •   Mother's Day mainly occurs on the second Sunday of the month of May.
  •   Buddha's Birthday/Vesak/Buddha Purnima usually falls on the full moon of the month Vesak. Normally it falls on the First of April or mid-time in May.
  •   Mainly Father's Day celebrates on the third Sunday of June. On this sequence this year it is on 20th June.
  •   International Friendship Day worldwide celebrates on July 30. In many countries, people celebrate on the first Sunday of August.
  •   Chuseok is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar on the full moon. The date varies every year. The celebration lasts for two days the day before the festival and the festival's day.
  •   World Sight Day celebrates on the second Thursday of the month of October.
  •   Halloween celebrates on the day after All Saints.
  •   It is the eve of Christmas day
  •   Christmas Day is observed throughout the world among the Christian Community